Unique Nagano

welcome to Nagano

Let "Unique Nagano" be your guide to discover the essence of Japan's culture and traditions in Nagano Prefecture.
Here you will find over 100 activities that are only available in Nagano. Experience the real Japan through these authentic actitivities. "Unique Nagano" is brought to you by the Nagano Ryokan & Hotel Association's junior members. We want to share our enthusiasm for all the attractions Nagano offers for you to see and interact with Japan's traditional side. Known as the "Roof of Japan", Nagano is home to the majestic Japanese Alps. Yet is as easy as an hour ride on the Nagano Shinkansen to get here from Tokyo. It is here, in the Japanese countryside, that you can partake in authentic activities to experience the real Japan.
So make the most of your stay in Japan, with "Unique Nagano"!

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